The information contained on this page is for mosquito control programs or other entities interested in the insecticide susceptibility status of their local Culex quinquefasciatus population. Interested groups should contact Casey Parker at to request a kit.

Instructional Video: Collecting Egg Rafts and Using Parafilm


Culex Egg Collecting and Shipping to the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Materials included in shipment

  • 5-gallon bucket with lid
  • 2 Bags of hay (only use 1/ infusion mixture)
  • 2 Brewer’s yeast & Lactalbumin mixture (only use 1/ infusion mixture)
  • 20 small petri dishes
  • Small petri dish filled with circular filter paper
  • 2 paint brushes
  • Plastic pipet
  • 5 return envelopes
  • Parafilm

You can download the datasheet to include with your shipment here.

Site selection

Collection containers should be placed in areas that will be shaded from morning sun and near mosquito resting areas (ex: vegetation, sewers, etc.)

Preparing infusion mixture

  1. Dump the hay and brewer’s yeast/ lactalbumin mixture into the 5-gallon bucket
  2. Fill the bucket with water to the black line on the inside of the bucket (see picture below)
  3. Cover bucket for 24 hours


After preparing the infusion mixture, the lid of the container can be removed to allow for oviposition from female Culex (see picture above). Once uncovered, egg rafts should be collected within 24 hours to ensure they do not hatch into the water.

Collecting eggs from container

  1. Place 1 piece of circular filter paper into a small petri dish
  2. Using the pipet, wet the filter paper so that the entire piece of filter paper is damp, but not floating in excess water
  3. Using the paint brush, gently collect the egg raft from the surface of the water (please visit for instructional videos)
  4. Transfer the egg raft from the paint brush onto the filter paper in the petri dish
    1. Only 1 egg raft should be placed in each petri dish
    2. A minimum of 5 egg rafts are needed to run the bottle bioassays
  5. Once the egg raft is on the filter paper, place the lid on the petri dish and wrap the container in parafilm
  6. Complete associated datasheet and place in the provided padded envelope with the egg rafts
  7. Ship package using overnight mail (see information about cost of shipping below) to Casey Parker at FMEL 200 9th St SE Vero Beach, FL 32962


  • Egg rafts should be shipped to the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory as soon as possible. Delay in shipment may allow for the egg rafts to hatch in the petri dish and die. Do not refrigerate specimens.
  • Egg rafts should be collected in the morning and shipped through overnight mail the same day. If you do not receive the minimum of 5 egg rafts, you may either a) ship us what you are able to collect and send more the following day or b) collect on another day when more egg rafts are present and ship the 5 rafts (minimum) together.
  • Please only send shipments Monday-Wednesday to ensure someone is at FMEL to receive them during.
  • Culex collections will require substantially less effort than Aedes A sufficient number of egg rafts may be able to be collected in 1-2 days. We have provided 5 shipping envelopes for 5 separate days of collections, if necessary. Please collect and provide us eggs from only one location.


If you have any questions, please contact Casey Parker at or by phone at 772-778-7200 ext. 171

Cost of shipping:

The cost of shipping Culex egg rafts will vary greatly depending on where your program is located in Florida. We recommend using UPS services to return your egg rafts to us. In order to guarantee next day delivery, please select ‘UPS Next Day Air Saver’. The cost of shipping from the areas in the Panhandle to FMEL is approximately $55 and will likely be cheaper for locations closer to FMEL. If this shipping cost is not within the budget of your program, you may ship using ‘UPS Ground’, which is approximately $10 for the same distance. However, this may take 2 days to make it to FMEL and eggs may hatch while in transit. From most areas of Florida, ‘UPS Ground’ will deliver to FMEL within 1 day, but please speak to a UPS representative for details about shipping from your area.


This research is funded by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Contract #24379).