The maps provided below are results from CDC bottle bioassays conducted at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory according to CDC protocols, which can be found here.

Designation of susceptibility status of a population to a particular active ingredient is based on the below algorithm:

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Permethrin

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Malathion

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Deltamethrin

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Etofenprox

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Prallethrin

Q3 Aedes aegypti: d-phenothrin (sumithrin)

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Naled

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Chlorpyrifos

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Deltagard

Q3 Aedes aegypti: Permanone 30-30

Q3 Aedes albopictus: Permethrin     

Q3 Aedes albopictus: Malathion

Q3 Aedes albopictus: Deltamethrin

Q3 Aedes albopictus: Etofenprox

Q3 Aedes albopictus: d-phenothrin (sumithrin)

 Q3 Aedes albopictus: Naled

Q3 Aedes albopictus: Chlorpyrifos


Funded by Florida Department of Health; 2016-2017; #C0064